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Everyone has a favorite mug, what if the mug bear photograph and message that would make you smile. We comprise of wide varieties of mugs with innumerable colorful pictures and lovable slogans. You just need to send us the photo that you want to imprint on the mug. You can also choose the message and the template that you liked from our lot. Thus, your  Photo mug is ready for gifting or you too can have it. For Corporate, custom photo Mugs make a good promotional tool effective in team building and Brand promotion. Therefore, it can also be gifted to corporate as a promotional gift with their logo imprinted on it.

We also have photographs of your favorite Bollywood stars, if you want to have their photograph imprint over mug…. Than have it.
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Personalized Calendars are perfect for giving as a gift for all occasions. We comprise of various different designs to suit every recipient, and indeed every occasion.

It is a perfect gift for couples, wedding gifts and anniversary gifts. Spelling both their names out on ‘his and hers’ image, this calendar is certain to put a smile on their faces. Personalized Calendar is best gift for birthdays by putting the picture of the birthday boy/girl. In addition, family picture can be added in calendar… it is a beautiful way to say you love your family.
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Exclusive Personalised T-Shirts express what kind of person you are. You seem to be romantic, when you have a picture of your beloved over your T-Shirt; superman on your T-Shirt displays your fantasy to become one. Philosophical quotes on the T-Shirts displays your philosophical insights, whereas, joke imprinted on your T-Shirt conveys you are happy-go-lucky kind of person.

Our advanced printing technology, adds more years of life to the print, there is no fear of getting damaged or fading while washing and ironing. These lovely innovative Personalised T-Shirts are available in all sizes.
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Mouse Pads:
Mouse Pads are used for keeping memories or corporate branding at ones fingertips, imprint photographs or messages for personal use or business purpose on matt finish. This exclusive personalised Mouse Pads are washable and last for a long time to come. This customized Mouse Pads are a very good source that acts as a reminder of any particular thing or a corporate logo or a personalized symbol.
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Personalised Coasters make great gifts. People do not usually think about them when they are out shopping. Moreover, when you do want unique or nice-looking ones, then you cannot find them!

We offer a beautiful range of vibrant exclusive Photo coasters with special touch. Save your coffee table by protecting it with coasters! Buy them for yourself or your friends. You will use them repeatedly.

These awesome Personalised Coasters are especially popular for groomsmen gifts, birthday gifts, holiday gifts, and promotional gifts. We print photographs or messages in gloss finish as per the liking of the customer.
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Certificates are credentials, a merit that everybody wishes to get and to attain it they put their dedication, hard work and time. How would they feel, if you present your loved ones with a certificate especially to award your relationship with them. You can gift this personalized certificate along with the name, photograph and beautiful message over it to your parents, siblings, relatives, friends, etc mentioning as the world's Best. This certificate will certify your beautiful relationship and will embellish them with excitement and loads of love.
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Photo Wall Clock:
Time is the pace of life, therefore, clock enjoys reputed place in each and every ones home. It will be the most innovative and unusual gift to gift anyone on any occasion. By seeing family members photos over the clock, anyone will be surprise and super happy. We provide varied options such as 6-photo wall clock containing 6 photographs, amoeba shaped 5-photo wall clock, 4-photo wall clock, 8-photo wall clock, etc.
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It is truly said that, “Time and Tides waits for none…”
Therefore, we provide you with a personalized clock with beautiful messages over it. You will love to see your Clock again and again, not to see the time but to see the beautiful insightful messages or meaning of your name or your loved ones name along with photograph over it. You also can gift it to your friends, relatives, etc on any occasion.
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Key Chains:
Key chains make an attractive adornment for any household, it plus keeps key organized and easy to find. It is one of the most loved personalized gifts, thus, making you carry your loved ones photo all the time with you. Therefore, you can imprint photograph of your loved ones and bestow it upon them on any occasions. It also can be used a corporate gift by imprinting logo of the company on it.
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Chocolate Wrappers :
Chocolate Wrappers as a gift, sounds very innovative and creative. It can be gifted to your loved ones with the photograph and a loving message on birthdays, anniversary or any other joyous occasion. Cute message with a personalized photo on the Chocolate Wrapper would definitely give more sweetness to the chocolate inside.
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Crystals :
Best way to express your feelings towards your closed one is to gift them a perfect Personalized gift. Innovative gifts such as crystal photo frames add on to your feelings. It makes your special moment capture more delightfully. You can imprint photograph of your loved ones, gift receiver, yourself over it. This Personalized gift can be a huge success as a promotional gift in a Corporate World.
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Ceramic Plates:
Ceramic Plates has a distinct feature of keeping the fond memories intact. Create cherished personalized ceramics family heirlooms from your favorite snapshots! Now you can preserve your all-time favorite photographs on a wide range of high quality personalized and innovative ceramic plate in your home every day, or you can bestow it upon your friends and loved ones.
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Name Plates :
Looking for Personalized exclusive Name Plates, your search for something unique will stop here. This beautiful, ethnic and elegant design looks best on the name of the person to whom you are gifting or in your name. You can have it or give to on the occasion of House Warming Ceremony or an office opening. So, if you want to gift something that is exclusive, creative, personalised gift than the Name Plate gift is the best for your loved ones.
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Ceramic Tiles :
Your imagination is the only limit.  Elegant looking tiles with special stands are meant to keep pleasant memories breathing in the form of attractive tiles. You can have colorful printing of a photograph or name with its meaning too. It is a gift full of love and affection, which you can give it on any occasion to your loved ones. This Personalized Tiles are not only unique and creative but it is something that is remembered for lifetime.
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Stones :
Sublimation stone is very innovative, unique, and creative gift for gifting someone. It is a good way for you to store your memories or your great moments. They are also good choice for your friends and your family members, and are suitable for decoration. You can have photograph and write up for your loved ones engraved on a stone. The best part is that this also can be gifted as a promotional gift to create a close to nature approach towards corporate arena.

After selecting Stone
Choose your most loved Stone among the given wide-ranging option. You can imprint photograph over the chosen Stone. The photograph can be of an individual, couple, family, group or a company logo, etc.
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Pillow Covers:
Sleep is something that everyone needs and everyone loves to do. Pillow makes everyone’s sleep more comfy and pleasant.  What if, while sleeping you have pillow with message and photograph of your loved ones over it? That would be amazing, right! 

Thus, you can gift your loved one a personalized pillow with cute message and photograph over it and yes, we do have many different pillow designs options considering your comfort and style.
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Non- Alcoholic Champagne Bottle:
Raise a toast for celebration in a completely innovative and unique way with a sparkling Non – Alcoholic Fruit Cooler. One can greet a person on any occasion with the photograph and a personalized message printed on it to grace a birthday, anniversary or any celebration. If it is a gift than the gift taker will be very delighted as well as surprised by seeing their photo and message in Champagne Bottle.
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Gold Metal & Silver Metal Plate :
This exclusive piece of gold and silver metal has a beauty to see ones face in mirror and can be printed with multi colored text or a photograph. It is scratchproof and non-fade able, thus making the product eternal.

This metal plate is not an ordinary metal plate; in fact, it is a name meaning plate. It tells us the meaning of the said name in details, its derivation, its meaning and its real origin. The Name Meaning also describes the characteristics of the name. Thus, gift your loved ones, their names characteristics, origin and true meaning.
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Wooden Photo Frames :
These exclusive Personalised Wooden Photo Frames are very creatively carved tabloids with photograph of your loved one or Name Meaning with special thoughts suitable for different occasions. These personalised Wooden Photo Frames display feeling in a most dramatic way. We can imprint name and date along with any message to commemorate the occasion.

Store Locater: We, Red Moments have our own stores in Mumbai, Greater Mumbai and all over India. Red Moments is a pioneer in personalized Gifts.
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Card Holder :
Elegant and beautifully designed business card holders can add style to your work desk. In the business or corporate world, having your corporate message on your desk displayed in a cool manner, corporate business card holders are a great idea to advertise your business during client meetings. Our trendy amazing business card holders having your business name printed on them. You can also use Gift passion’s business card holders as a gift to your boss and impress him. You can even have any personal text message along with a picture of your choice to express yourself in a better way. Personalized attractive cardholders can also be a good option to give as a corporate gift to your customers and clients on various occasions.
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Cosmetic Mirror :
Cosmetic mirror has been an important tool for most of the women, when they need makeup to look fresh or apply a jewelry etc...However, have you ever think to customize and personalized your cosmetic mirror with your own favorite pretty photograph. Yes, we can print your pretty photos on the cosmetic mirror. Just imagine how elegant when you make up with your custom-made mirror. It is a perfect gift for women, mother, and girl friend etc.
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Tiffin Box, Bottles and Compass Boxes :
Let your kids enjoy their school days with a unique and different Tiffin Box, Bottles and Compass Boxes. You can imprint your kid’s photos or their favorite rock band, sports team, cartoon characters, etc over Tiffin Box, Bottles and Compass Boxes along with personalized message or any name over it. You can also gift this personalized Tiffin box and Bottle on birthday occasions of your kids friends, even you can gift it to your friends… let them get back to flashback and enjoy the school life with memories once again…
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Landscape Teddy :
Everyone of all age group loves Teddy Bear. Hence, it is a best gift to gift your friends, relatives or loved ones on any occasion. What makes it more exciting is, its personalized flavor, you can imprint photograph, message and name of the gift receiver on it to make them feel out of the world. So, what are you waiting for, hurry and gift your loved ones a cutie landscape personalised photo teddy bear
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Wind Chime :

Are you tired of giving same kind of gifts over and over again?
Here, is the best option that you can gift to your loved ones and that is a personalized Wind Chime. It is unique and heart stirring gift that you can bestow upon your loved ones. You can imprint photos of your loved ones over Wind Chime. Basically, the photograph will be put in the lower end of the Wind Chime so that you can hear the musical hymn along with your loved one photograph. That just adds visual delight to the musical hymns.

There are two options for a wind chime one is Wind Chime with 10 photos and another is Wind Chime with 6 photos.
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Collage :
Everyone likes collection of photos of family members, friends or loved ones in a similar frame. Here, we fulfill your wish of seeing your near and dear one together in a collage form. You can bestow this personalized gift upon your loved ones on any occasion. This gift is for every occasion. We provide you with varied options such as 5-pc Wooden Collage Frame, 4-pc Iron Collage Frame, 4-pc Wooden Collage with Rot Iron Frame, Rota Iron Collage Frame with 3-pc, 13-pc Ceramic Tile with Teak Wood Mat, 4-pc Ceramic Tile with Teak Wood Mat and 3-pc Gold Metal with Wooden Frame.
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